Fenugreek: The 5 Most Powerful Health Benefits

Fenugreek is quite the amazing herb. Today, we’ll discuss the 5 most powerful health benefits of the simple herb and how it really packs a super health punch.

The first recorded use of fenugreek is described on an ancient Egyptian papyrus dated to 1500 B.C. Fenugreek seed is commonly used in cooking.

Historically, fenugreek was used for a variety of health conditions, including menopausal symptoms and digestive problems. It was also used for inducing childbirth.

In modern society, it is used as a folk or traditional remedy for diabetes and loss of appetite, and to stimulate milk production in breastfeeding women. It is also applied to the skin for fighting symptoms of inflammation.

In recent years Fenugreek has been touted as an ergogenic aid. The purpose of this detailed study was to evaluate the effects of supplementation on strength and body composition. Many additional research studies have

shown the herb to be quite a champion of health and wellness. Let’s take a look at the 5 most prevalent health benefits of the spice.

The 5 Powerful Health Benefits of Fenugreek

1. Fight Inflammation

Fenugreek appears to slow absorption of sugars in the stomach and stimulate insulin. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the spice is known as a phlegm mover and is said to break up stuck energies and cool inflammation within the body.

One specific study looked at the effects the powerful herb had on arthritis and inflammation in rats. The aim of this study was to investigate anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of the herb in adjuvant induced arthritis in rats. Arthritis was induced by intradermal injection of complete Freund’s adjuvant into the right hind paw produce inflammation of the joint. Thus the results demonstrated the potential beneficiary effect of fenugreek on adjuvant induced arthritis in rats.

2. Increased Libido

The powerful Mediterranean herb is found in many Indian dishes and health supplements and has long been known for improving men’s sexual and prostate health. There are several fenugreek health benefits that are good for men who are noticing the effects of aging in terms of their sexual health. Fenugreek has the ability to promote natural testosterone levels and improve libido. The herb contains phytochemicals called saponins and sapogenins, which are credited with raising testosterone levels and improving libido.

3. Lower Cholesterol

Many studies have underscored fenugreek’s cholesterol-lowering effect. Researchers say that the high fiber content actually blocks cholesterol absorption. The presence of soluble fiber, in particular, increases the viscosity of the digested food and inhibits the uptake of cholesterol and bile acids.

4. Increased Strength

In a recent study, it was concluded that 500 mg of this proprietary Fenugreek extraction had a significant impact on both upper- and lower-body strength and body composition in comparison to placebo in a double blind controlled trial.

5. Good For Lactating Mothers

Fenugreek appears to be the herb that is most often used to increase milk supply. Mothers generally notice an increase in production 24-72 hours after starting the herb, but it can take two weeks for others to see a change. Some mothers do not see a change in milk production when taking fenugreek.

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