Water Ionizer: Alkaline Water for Cancer Prevention and Hydration

A water ionizer is a specialized electronic device that is attached to a kitchen faucet and used to treat and modify regular tap water with minerals and electrical currents in order to produce alkaline rich, ionized water. Ionized water is high alkaline, or low pH, drinking water containing large amounts of electrically charged hydroxyl and free electrons. This is crucially important because it is known by medical professionals that cancer cannot thrive or even live in an alkaline environment. For this specific reason, many well-educated people have chosen to install and use a alkaline water ionizer to help achieve greater levels of hydration, health and wellness, and help prevent cancer.

Ionized alkaline water optimizes the human body’s pH levels better than other methods such as simply eating a 100% organic and raw vegan diet or vegetarian diet. Diseases such as cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, kidney/renal disease, cardiovascular disease,  are slowed, stopped, and in some circumstances completed reversed when drinking ionized alkaline water.

Ionized water helps the body flush toxins and poisons better and with considerably less negative effects than other strong detox programs and health protocols. Because alkaline ionized water contains so many hydrogen molecules, it’s able to seek out and destroy the free radicals which are known to cause many diseases and cancer.

What is a Water Ionizer and How Does it Work?

A alkaline water ionizer is an electric-powered appliance that is usually attached to a standard faucet. The device first filters the water, then ionizes the water by passing it through charged electrodes.

Alkaline water and acidic water are both produced at the same time by the water ionizer. More can be learned about the ionization process, which is also known as electrolysis.

While acidic water has many valuable uses, it is the alkaline water that we want to consume for better health and longevity.

Water Ionizer Benefits – Cancer Prevention

The most commonly cited health benefit of using a water ionizer and drinking ionized alkaline water is the anti-cancer benefit that the ionized alkaline water is thought to deliver to the human body.

According to many water ionizer proponents and water ionizer companies, ionized water has extremely potent antioxidant properties. An antioxidant is a compound which is known to prevent free radical damage to cells and their DNA by neutralizing and eliminating these free radicals and keeping them from causing the cellular disruptions that can lead to cancer.

In fact, a well documented study has shown that alkaline ionized water can actually prevent the multiplication of cancer cells. There is also strong evidence from an additional scientific study showing that ionized alkaline water can help slow the growth of cancer tumors.

The following quotes from experienced medical professionals stress the importance Ionized Alkaline Water for cancer prevention and overall health:

“…When cancer patients come into my office … their bodies are almost always very acidic and toxic. My first task is to get their tissues to alkalinize with alkaline water and alkaline foods.” — Dr. Don Colbert, M.D., author, The Seven Pillars of Health

“Alkaline water produced by a water ionizer has become the most important advancement in health care since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin.”  — Dr. William Kelly, author, Cancer Cure

“…To maintain or restore your body’s natural pH balance for optimal health, drink restructured, ionized water which is rich in anti-oxidants and alkaline minerals. Ionized water helps reverse the effects of acid accumulation in the body, the root cause of degenerative diseases and aging.” — Dr. Robert Young, author, The pH Miracle

Improved Hydration Using a Water Ionizer

The size and shape of the water molecule changes when the water is ionized using a high quality water ionizer – which is termed ‘microclustered’. This simply means that the ionized water molecules are made smaller so that the alkaline rich water can better penetrate and hydrate the cell walls and can more easily permeate the walls of the cells. This, in turn, results in a higher level of hydration for the body and increased energy and feeling of well being.

An additional bonus of this molecule change in ionized water, is whatever we choose to mix with our alkaline water we drink is better absorbed into the body as well – so if you’re drinking green juice powders, matcha green tea, or other mix or powder supplements with the ionized water – all of these things will be better absorbed by the body’s cells and therefore more effective!

Upon discovering all the wonderful benefits of Ionized alkaline water, you may find that drinking this water is exactly what you need to improve your health and quality of life! So, what do you do next? We recommend getting in touch with the most trusted and reputable Alkaline Water expert in the world and letting their experts assist you in choosing the best alkaline water option for improving your over health and wellness!

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